Zero79 is a niche, security services organisation. We are experts in providing unique solutions to your security requirements.

Executive Protection (Bodyguard)

All Zero79 members are highly competent operators, from Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. Our members have a range of experience in providing protection to government officials, from Prime Ministers and Royal Family members, through to celebrities and high net worth individuals, across the globe.

Our members can form discreet, low visibility teams, through to high visibility close protection details, when dealing with both the media and public. This service can also be tailored to provide an immediate security response capability and medical emergency first responders, alongside logistical support.

Our Close Personal Protection Services include:

  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Planning (site visits, logistic planning)
  • Advance (pre-positioning)
  • Task
  • Debriefing

Security Drivers

We can provide highly trained individuals, from security drivers to secure motorcades. This can include:

  • High end luxury vehicles (sedans, limos and SUVs).
  • Organised motorcades for group travel, VIP or demonstration purposes.
  • Discreet options, to avoid media and paparazzi.

Airport Facilitation

We can manage your logistics with airport arrival and departures at private airfields or commercial terminals. This can include:

  • Domestic, International and private-jet terminals.
  • Liaison with staff at private-jet terminals and tarmac transfers.
  • Counter media and anti-paparazzi methods.

Maritime Security

Superyacht and maritime security are for clients in transit or docking at single or multiple locations. Our supervisors are trained in maritime security operations and have close contacts in many of the port services around the globe.


Zero79 has Security Consultants and Project Managers that can provide assessment on a broad range of Personal and Business Physical Security. This includes the physical protection requirements for a client’s home and / or business. We can make an assessment on a range of defensive measures, such as CCTV, physical protection barriers and static security requirements. Our Project Managers can also manage the construction and installation of these recommendations.


Resource and foreign investment security assessment on offshore assets. This can include:

  • Pre-travel security training to employees.
  • Physical security measures on site location, including employee accommodations.
  • Formulating training packages for indigenous forces in location.


With our vast network of contacts in the security and medical industry, both in Australia and abroad, we can provide a range of services from travel reports to security escort teams.